Our mission and history

HealthRight International is a global health and human rights organization working to build lasting access to health for excluded communities.
We work closely with communities and establish local partnerships to deliver health services. At the same time, we provide training and equipment and improve systems to enable our partners to deliver services on their own. Our goal is to create lasting change that supports access to health while strengthening human rights.
Our projects address health and social crises made worse by human rights violations, with a particular focus and expertise on:

  • HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria, including the rights of people living with these diseases to receive care, as well as protection from stigma and discrimination
  • Women’s health, including women’s right to information, equal access to protection and quality care, as well as safe and effective maternal and neonatal care
  • The health and welfare of orphans and other at-risk children and youth, whose wellbeing may be endangered when they lack supportive families or social networks
  • Care and support for survivors of human rights violations such as torture, trafficking, and domestic and gender-based violence

HealthRight International was formerly known as Doctors of the World-USA.

Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health is an international charitable foundation established by a global health and human rights organization HealthRight International in 2008. We work in public health and human rights sphere to ensure equal access to health for marginalized populations.


  • Professionalism and growth
  • Mutual support and esteem
  • Client-centered approach and helpfulness
  • Responsibility and transparency
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Respect and equality


We work to improve life quality and enable marginalized populations to exercise basic rights by ensuring their access to social, health and mental services, introducing innovative social technologies, developing the sphere of health and social services, and building capacities of civil society organizations.


  • Young women and girls, their partners and children in difficult living circumstances (i.e. caused by HIV, gender-based violence, conflict in Eastern Ukraine or risk behaviors)
  • Pregnant women and young mothers at risks of abandoning their newborn infants or deprivation of parental rights
  • At-risk adolescents and HIV-positive teenagers and their family members
  • Adolescents, youth and women in conflict with the law
  • Survivors of torture, including combatants, civilians and their family members.


  • UN 90/90/90 targets are achieved for Ukraine
  • Marginalized populations have equal access to quality social and health services of European standard; their quality of life is improving
  • New effective and sustainable system of social services for our target groups is introduced
  • Zero tolerance for violence against women and girls.