The HealthRight Service Center requires your support

The HealthRight Service Center requires your support

Every day, the staff of the HealthRight Service Center in Kyiv is committed not only to help, but also build trust and confidence in the future in people in need – adolescents, young people and women, survivors of violence, or those who are in difficult life situations or social risk groups.

These clients do not have documents or residence registration in Kyiv, some of them are HIV positive, use drugs or in conflict with the law.

Here is only a shortlist of services that clients of the HealthRight Service Center can get quickly, in line with the best standards and absolutely free of charge thanks to our team of professionals!

  • consultations of a psychologist, lawyer and social worker;
  • rapid testing for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, pregnancy and (if necessary) referral to medical centers;
  • provision of safe housing (for instance, in crisis centers, shelters or our Halfway house for disadvantaged pregnant women and new mothers in Kyiv);
  • help in finding a job.

Unfortunately, today the HealthRight Service Center requires your financial support. This is due to reduction in funding of social programs from the Kyiv municipal budget, which provided financing for our Center in previous years.

In 2020, we received 600 thousand hryvnias from the municipal budget. This money was enough to hire 2 social workers, 2 psychologists and one lawyer for our team. A small number of employees, but even with such a small team, we managed to help 657 people who faced extremely difficult life situations.

This year, municipal funding will be much less, and without your help, the HealthRight Service Center (which, without exaggeration, is unique as it provides a package of multi-type services) may stop work, and, therefore, those who are in need will be unable to get support …

If you would like to support our HealthRight Service Center, we would be very grateful if you could make a donation:

  • to the charity account of the ICF “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health” UA663226690000026005302393996 in “Oschadbank”
  • via our website

For our part, we undertake to be transparent in using your donations and accountable for every hryvnia used.