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Vacancy: Project Assistant/Translator


The Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health and its founder HealthRight International are looking for a qualified professional to fill the position of  Project Assistant/Translator.

HealthRight International has been working in Ukraine since 2005.  In 2008, HealthRight founded the local organization Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health (UFPH) to build local sustainability for successful social support initiatives. We work to empower vulnerable populations—marginalized women and girls, at-risk and HIV-positive adolescents, young people in conflict with the law, survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), and their partners to access vital health and social services.

POSITION: Project Assistant/Translator


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Full-time employment

PROJECT DURATION: 6 months (with the possibility of extension).




The Project Assistant/Translator will translate documents on the following topics: reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (RMNCAH); HIV; violence; and mental health. She/he is also expected to assist with the preparation of reports and planning of events organized by HealthRight and UFPH. Project assistance/Translator will be accountable to Executive Director and Project Coordinator. The candidate must have an excellent command of written and oral English. Work experience in health or humanitarian projects funded by international agencies and organizations is preferrable.


  • Translation of documents related to organizations’ programs on the following topics: reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (RMNCAH); HIV; violence; and mental health;
  • Support with preparation of reports, statements, reviews, summaries, official letters, etc.
  • Assistance with planning and organization of events, meetings, workshops, etc.;
  • Preparation and editing of informational materials, collection of documents for project record keeping and reporting, collection and analysis of data;
  • Support to project coordinators in administration and logistics to ensure effective and smooth operational processes and project implementation.


  • Higher education (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) in a relevant field;
  • Excellent English skills (advanced or proficiency levels) both written and oral;
  • Experience in translation of official documents, program reports, etc.;
  • Relevant working experience in project support functions;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team to achieve the organization’s goals.



Interested and qualified individuals should send their applications to and  by 15th of June, 2022.

Please, submit your cover letter, CV in English, and two references confirming the required qualifications and experience (Subject “Project Assistant – [your name]”).

Only complete applications will be reviewed!


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HalfwayHouse needs your support

For eight years, the Halfway House in Kyiv has been accommodating women with young children. Specialists of Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health provide comprehensive assistance to new mothers and pregnant women in difficult life situations.

Most of them are fleeing domestic violence or do not have a safe accommodation for themselves and their children.

We help women to obtain legal documents, find a job, and provide them social, psychological, and other services and assistance.

For eight years of operations, 135 women and 143 children have been supported through the services of the Halfway House.

Today, the Halfway House is partly funded by our charitable organization “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health” and partly from the Kyiv municipal budget.❗️Unfortunately, no funds are allocated for the Halfway House for 2022 in the municipal budget.

❗We have to seek help. There is not enough time left. At the end of December, the Halfway House may close operations!

✨Our residents baked thanksgiving cookies and addressed representatives of Kyiv business companies and international organizations with a kind request to provide support. We appeal to you too! ✨

If you would like to support children and women of the Halfway House, please donate:

➡ To the charity account

of the Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health

UA663226690000026005302393996 at Oschadbank

Payment purpose:

“Donation to support Halfway House operations”


➡ Via the website of HealthRight Ukraine

“DONATE” button in the upper right corner of the webpage

❤️ Any donation is greatly appreciated!

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HealthRight Human Rights Clinic: our impact on survivors of torture in 2020

In 2020, the HealthRight Human Rights Clinic served 642 clients: military personnel, ATO/JFO combatants, internally displaced persons, political prisoners, 385 persons of them are survivors of torture accordingly to the United Nations Convention against Torture, which the project team refers to.

Our clinicians provided psychological, social and legal services as well as primary mental health care to them.

Clients received a comprehensive psychological, social and legal assistance as well as access to medical evaluations, treatment and rehabilitation care. Accordingly to observations of our clinicians, the best results in mental health care and social assistance can be achieved through addressing needs of not only clients with a traumatic experience but also their closest support network – family members.

In 2020, the Human Rights Clinic served 258 family members of survivors of torture. Our clinicians connected them to needed medical evaluations and treatment, legal advice and mental health care.

Specifically, we were successful in providing a comprehensive assistance to the following groups:

  • 241 survivors of torture, 98 of them are women;
  • 144 released military and civilian prisoners, 53 of them are women.

Our clients are often unable to return to their homes in the temporarily occupied territories due to risks of recapture and torture. Most of them do not have a residence registration in Kyiv, live with acquaintances, relatives, volunteers, rent rooms in shared households. Their situation is compounded by significant mental health disorders, disease exacerbation caused by physical injuries during torture, and lack of documents required for access to proper medical care.

In each case, our team professionally and absolutely free of charge provides a comprehensive support in three groups of services.

Mental health services:

  • individual: comprehensive mental health assessment, psycheducation (training, informing), crisis counseling, actualization of personal psychological resources, working through a traumatic experience, improvement of mental health and emotional state;
  • group: art therapy, biosuggestive therapy, guided imagery and katathym imaginative psychotherapy (symbol drama);
  • family: family relationship assessment, improvement of interpersonal relationships and communications, building a happy family.

Social assistance:

  • initial needs assessment and individual action plan;
  • access to medical and rehabilitation services, advice on social assistance benefits;
  • protection of rights, assistance in preparation of documents.

Legal advice:

  • preparation of requests to civil servants, government and law enforcement agencies and for court proceedings;
  • obtaining the legal status of a combatant;
  • documentation of facts of detention, torture;
  • protection of rights of prisoners and their family members;
  • assistance in making a settlement with banks regarding loan repayment;
  • assistance in resolving employment disputes.

Professionals of the Human Rights Clinic of the HealthRight International in Ukraine provide services in different modes in the Hospital for War Veterans “Lisova Poliana” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Kyiv, Pushcha Vodytsia, 7th line) and Veteran Hub (Kyiv, Yuria Illienka Street, 42).

In 2021 we will continue our efforts to serve survivors of tortures in the armed conflict and places of detention and help them to rebuild their lives.

The Human Rights Clinic operates in the framework of the project “Support for Victims of Torture in Ukraine” funded by the UN VFVT.

If you would like to support clients of the Human Rights Clinic, please visit our website for further information

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The HealthRight Service Center requires your support

Every day, the staff of the HealthRight Service Center in Kyiv is committed not only to help, but also build trust and confidence in the future in people in need – adolescents, young people and women, survivors of violence, or those who are in difficult life situations or social risk groups.

These clients do not have documents or residence registration in Kyiv, some of them are HIV positive, use drugs or in conflict with the law.

Here is only a shortlist of services that clients of the HealthRight Service Center can get quickly, in line with the best standards and absolutely free of charge thanks to our team of professionals!

  • consultations of a psychologist, lawyer and social worker;
  • rapid testing for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, pregnancy and (if necessary) referral to medical centers;
  • provision of safe housing (for instance, in crisis centers, shelters or our Halfway house for disadvantaged pregnant women and new mothers in Kyiv);
  • help in finding a job.

Unfortunately, today the HealthRight Service Center requires your financial support. This is due to reduction in funding of social programs from the Kyiv municipal budget, which provided financing for our Center in previous years.

In 2020, we received 600 thousand hryvnias from the municipal budget. This money was enough to hire 2 social workers, 2 psychologists and one lawyer for our team. A small number of employees, but even with such a small team, we managed to help 657 people who faced extremely difficult life situations.

This year, municipal funding will be much less, and without your help, the HealthRight Service Center (which, without exaggeration, is unique as it provides a package of multi-type services) may stop work, and, therefore, those who are in need will be unable to get support …

If you would like to support our HealthRight Service Center, we would be very grateful if you could make a donation:

  • to the charity account of the ICF “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health” UA663226690000026005302393996 in “Oschadbank”
  • via our website

For our part, we undertake to be transparent in using your donations and accountable for every hryvnia used.

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Our work during the quarantine

On March 12, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced quarantine throughout the country due to the spread of COVID-19.

This measure is essential because only through the joint efforts of each member of the community we would be able to stop the spread of the infection.

However, HealthRight International in Ukraine and Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health do not terminate their work. We work online. More information is available on our Facebook page as well as on pages of our projects and sites. Stay tuned.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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A M.A.C AIDS FUND charity event at the HealthRight Service Center


On the World AIDS Day, 9 clients of the HealthRight Service Center and the Halfway House for Disadvantaged Pregnant Women and New Mothers with Children in Kyiv participated in the master-class organized by M.A.C. makeup artists. The staff of the International Charitable Fund “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health”, in their turn, conducted a master-class for M.A.C. makeup artists on HIV, ways of its transmission, stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV+ people.


The event was organized within the project “Prevention, Treatment and Improving the Quality of Life of the Most Vulnerable Women and Girls in Kyiv” implemented by UFPH with the financial support of M.A.C. AIDS.

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HealthRight International seeks an Associate Programs Director (APD) in Kyiv

Requirements: Ukrainian national with university degree, 6+ years of experience working in international organizations in the area of HIV, marginalized populations, or women’s issues, strong leadership and managerial skills, familiarity with health and social services provision, excellent planning and interpersonal skills, strong writing skills.


For full position description, see HR_Associate Programs Director_Position Description.  


Send CV, cover letter, recommendations and salary history by email to The deadline is October 29, 2018.


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Vacancy: Translator/Programs Assistant in HealthRight International and Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health

HealthRight International and International Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health” (UFPH), founded by HealthRight, are looking for a Translator/Programs Assistant.

Position: Translator/Programs Assistant

Accountable to: Country Director/Executive Director

Terms of employment: Full-time job (40 hours per week)

Duration: 12 months with possible extension of contract

Salary: based on the results of the interview

Location: Kyiv

Deadline for application: 15 June 2018

HealthRight International is a global health and human rights organization providing access to health and social services for marginalized populations. It has had a Representative Office in Ukraine since 2005.  In 2008, HealthRight founded local organization, Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health (UFPH), to build local capacity and ensure sustainability for successful social support initiatives. We provide assistance and support to vulnerable groups of population, such as women survivors of violence, youth in conflict with the law, children, and families in crisis life circumstances in order for them to reach a worthy level of life and obtain equal opportunities for development and access to social, psychological, medical, legal, and educational services. We also build capacity of local service providers, organize training and educational activities, engage civil society in our awareness and advocacy actions. The projects are aimed at addressing health and social issues exacerbated by human rights violations.

Position Description:

The Translator/Programs Assistant will provide translation of documents related to organizations activities and projects in prevention and response to gender-based violence, HIV and adolescent health, as well as adolescents and women in conflict with law. She/he are also expected to assist with writing reports and planning of events organized by HealthRight and UFPH. Translator/Programs Assistant will be accountable to Country Director/Executive Director. The candidate must have excellent command of written and spoken English and be a skilled translator in relation to social care, health or humanitarian projects funded by international agencies and organizations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oral and written translation in Ukrainian/English related to writing reports or project applications to the donors or headquarters, communication with partners and the main office.
  • Collection of data from project coordinators and partners regarding projects outcomes and impact and assistance with writing reports to the donors and headquarters.
  • Data collection and preparation of informational and promotion materials about the organization.
  • Assist with planning and organization of public events to promote organization’s publicity and recognition, fundraising, engagement of clients and staff.
  • Working with online and paper documents, cooperation with regional partners, arrangement of meetings and finding partner’s contacts.
  • Accompanying the director/project coordinators, representatives of partner and donor organizations during monitoring and site visits to the regions, providing interpretation if necessary.
  • On demand: administrative support to project initiatives (logistics, delivering letters, printing of materials), arrangement of trips, developing meeting agendas, booking of hotel/flight tickets, meeting and accompanying guests.


  • Higher education (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) in relevant field;
  • Excellent English skills (advanced or proficiency levels) both written and spoken;
  • Experience in translation of official documents, program reports, etc.;
  • Inter-personal skills and ability to work in a team to achieve organizational goals.

Graduates of Universities without working experience can also apply.

How to Apply:

Qualified individuals should send their applications to by 15 June 2018. Please, submit your cover letter, CV in English and two references in that can confirm the required qualifications and experience (Subject “Project Assistant – [your name]”).

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Sir Elton John visits Ukraine to Raise Awareness About AIDS

Kyiv, Ukraine – Famous singer, public person, and founder of the Eton John AIDS Foundation visited Ukraine to raise awareness about AIDS. During his visit, Sir Elton John met with advocates and organizations that work in the area of HIV prevention, health, and LGBT rights. HealthRight International Ukraine and the former clients of the Halfway House for Disadvantaged Pregnant Women and New Mothers had the opportunity to tell Sir Elton John about their work in supporting women in difficult living circumstances and HIV prevention.

Five years ago, due to the support of Elton John AIDS Foundation the Elena Pinchuk Foundation, HealthRight, together with its local partner Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health, opened one of the first shelters for disadvantaged women. Since then, 82 women and 81 children received rehabilitation, legal, and psychosocial support and were able to resolve their issues and improve their lives. Some of them became happy parents of healthy children, have bought a house or started a their own business, and found employment.

“We have worked together to create a much better atmosphere and healthier lifestyle for people with HIV and AIDS to exist in Ukraine,” said Sir Elton during his speech at the charitable event called ‘A Day with Elton John’. He also mentioned that he was hugely inspired by meeting one of the first clients of HealthRight Halfway House and learning how her life has changed for the better with three healthy children, a private house, and happy family. HealthRight International Executive Director, Dr. Peter Navario, also visited the Ukraine Office meeting with partners, donors and staff and visiting the service sites in Kyiv.





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62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

In March 2018, the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women will be held at UN Headquarters in New York, USA. Representatives of member countries, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations from all regions of the world will convene at the annual session to discuss the implementation of key global instruments aimed at achieving gender equality (Beijing Declaration of 1995) as well as new challenges and joint actions for empowerment of women in the political, economic and social areas. This year, the priority theme of the event will be challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls. In this regard, the HealthRight International will hold a parallel discussion event on human rights-based approaches to systems strengthening for HIV+ rural women.

Globally, rural women and girls living with HIV are unable to consistently access quality healthcare. This parallel event discussion will explore human rights-based approaches to HIV programming, as a pathway to reducing health and gender inequities among rural women.